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Got bedsheets, washed, put on bed. After 2 nights there is a huge hole in them.

They were SOOOOOO thin and flimsy, and now I need to cancel the other set on backorder. Made in China I bet! I guarantee that when I call tomorrow I'll probably get the run around about the fact that i washed them, or used them, they didn't come ripped.

Or they won't be able to stop my back order from delivering. I had a whole bunch of people at my work ready to place huge order all together, and I'm going into work tomorrow telling them NO WAY!!!

Monetary Loss: $21.

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Hey Kelee,

I am very sorry for the inconveniences you experienced with the order in question.

With your last name provided in your second post I was finally able to locate your account and research all details regarding the referenced order.

Our records show the back ordered Khaki Queen Sheet Set was cancelled per your request; therefore, you were not charged for that item.

In addition, you were fully refunded for the Sage Queen Sheet Set, which you had referenced in your original post.

Now that I have the item details, you can be assured that I have forwarded all of your feedback to our Quality Assurance Department.

Should you need anything further, please reach out to me directly at

Best regards,

Kristy Gomez

Customer Support Specialist

LTD Commodities


you want ME to send u account info? this was 6 months ago, i dont remember.

UR company should have it. Don't worry about it not sure what would chnge my mind from EVEr ordering fromLTD again.


how much is the weight capacity


Hello Kelee,

I am extremely saddened to hear of your disappointment with the bed sheets that you received from LTD Commodities. Please accept my sincerest apology for any inconvenience.

Your experience with our merchandise is not typical of the level of quality we strive to provide. Therefore, I would really like the opportunity to review the item in question and pass along all details to our Quality Assurance Department for further review.

I would also like the chance to restore you faith in us. :)

If you wouldn’t mind, please send me your account and item information including the best way and time to reach you directly at and I will contact you immediately.

Please know that we strive to provide 100% customer satisfaction with every item and transaction!

I really hope to hear from you soon!

Most sincerely,

Kristy Gomez.

Customer Support Specialist

LTD Commodities

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