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The pay is below standards. You are led to believe about the many perks of being an employee.

The call center is freezing cold and many employees are wrapped in blankets, gloves and hoodies, people constantly are getting sick, coming to work for fear of having points taken off, and they get other people sick. You are forced to up sell and take customer surveys while constantly being monitored about your production. You are told what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. Everything is judged by points and you are watched under a microscope.

Employees have had accidents in the rest room because they could not make it in time, for fear of leaving their desk. There is something always wrong with the computer system. The chairs are painful and uncomfortable.

The hike from the parking lot is excruciating and there is not enough parking. They have a bad reputation and can not keep employees by using a *** game.

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my name is doris masacarenas i purchased an order online the account #21469507, it was on 11/13/2017 in the total amount of $ 70.48 , i resecent called in and customer service could not find anything under my name, however my payment was processed that day and approved. i cant tell you just how frusatrating this is. i would apprecioate a call back at {385]434-9632 ASAP.


In addition to the above comment, management monitors and times you when you go to the bathroom. If you go over your minutes, you get written up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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