I ordered two items of clothing for a total of about $36.00, plus I had to pay $10 shipping. So now, I've spent $46.00.

The clothes did not fit, they were horrible. I had to send them back, at a cost to me of about $12.00. Total spent now = $58.00. I will probably get my $36.00 back, but I'm out an additional $21.00 for shipping.

So basically, I spent $21.00 for nothing. MOST sites out there offer free shipping, and then have a return address label, which usually has a reduced shipping fee.

I do a LOT of on-line shopping, but the next time LTD's catalog arrives, it will go right into the bottom of the bird cage. Too bad, they have some cute things.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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High Ridge, Missouri, United States #921497

I have ordered for over 30 years . I have never had a problem .


This company feels that a person who orders a piece of clothing should know the size that they need to order. It does not matter if the customer orders the right size and it arrives at the home two sizes to small.

There argument is that the customer needs to measure themselves first, then place the order. They also claim that because the customer does not know what size they need, they should not refund the money


Just because "most" sites have free shipping, that doesn't mean all of them do. Most of them do so at various times, but not all the time.

Companies like LTD sell cheap enough merchandise that they shouldn't be expected to have free shipping.

You were aware that they didn't offer free shipping so it was still your decision to order from them and paying the shipping costs, therefore, you don't have any reason to complain. If you didn't want to pay shipping to return the items, you could have donated them to a thrift store.

to anonymous Cleveland, Ohio, United States #918363

Why do you feel the need to argue; this is a complaint board. People have the right to express their opinions.

If this person was unhappy, then he/she should be able to say so.

And unless you own the company, why do you care so much? I think most people want free shipping, or at least the illusion of free shipping!

to Dilbert Baytown, Texas, United States #948239

I am glad I seen this. Earlier I almost placed a $300 order!

I had my credit card out and my silly toddler distracted me with something,a few hours ago. I was just getting on line to pay until this. Thank you! I have not shopped with this company since it was ABC DIST.

I have the same company acct# and was a little aggrivated by having to pay up front when I have always had a net 30 account. I could not understand why after all the years of my business they found my account but then asked for payment first. I have spent many years buying from them. Ihave always paid on time.

I do know that they have always made their money on shipping, which I do remember a bunch of back ordered *** and different shipping cost , changing at their disgression. Thanks for the posts, I remember all the problems now, I am deleting my order.

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