your company stinks. I had received a post card in the mail telling me that an order was out of stock and if I wished to cancel it to phone the toll free number, which I did.

The "machine" that I talked to asked me to punch in the order#, in which I did, right off the card you sent and the "machine" kept telling me that it was an invalid number. For Christ sake it was off the card your company sent. I tried it twice and the "machine" kept refusing me, so, I went online and cancelled the order and told you people not to send it to me and to take me off your *** catalog list; today, 01-02-09 the package came; dammit to ***, now it is going to cost me money to send the *** thing back to you.

I am so pissed off at your bookkeeping and warehouse idiots I could only spit. You people suck,

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