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I am angry as heck at this company. They are telling me I owe them for invoices and I know I've paid for every invoice I've received.

When I showed them the payments and the cancelled checks they still insist I owe them. I asked them to show me what invoices they insist I owe them and they just send me an email telling me the invoices I've paid for.

Its just been going round and round and now they say they are going to send it to collections.

I am very frustrated. I think their customer service stinks.

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I used to work with a lady who had a smiliar problem. LTD kept sending nasty notes stating she had not paid her bill. She supplied them with cashed checks indicating that she did, but they never fixed her account.

Stokke, Vestfold, Norway #52184

I apologize that your experience LTD Commodities was as you described. So that I may assist you further,

please provide your account information to the email address of Jodi

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