If your order consists or 3 or more items be prepared to receive it in many boxes. You may just get each item shipped separately and at an outrageous fee.

For example I had order and received it in 4 or 5 shipments. One product I ordered was a lip-gloss gift set. It was small enough to fit in a standard sized envelope! They packaged it in a box 6 times too large and then charged me a shipping fee over $6.00.

So this four dollar item ended up costing over $10.00.

Needless to say I won't be ordering from this company ever again.

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Greetings R. Gluck,

I was sorry to read of your aggravation in the additional shipping charge for your order. We truly value your business and I would like the opportunity to make things right with you.

Please contact me directly at helpline@Ltdcommodities.com with your contact information, so that I may speak with you directly.

Best Regards,

Jodi S

eCCS Customer Care Specialist


Apparently this company does not make enough profit on the stuff they sell. I placed an order which showed a shipping charge of 7.95.

I was charged 9.90 because of a shipping "surcharge" to the west coast, supposedly by UPS. It is simply greed by this company.


Yeah the shipping sucks! When your not home they leave it thrown sideways on the front n back door just for whoever to take the items and we pay for it. they should leave it at the ups place in town and for you to pick it up :( :(

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