I ordered 2 things 5 days ago and it's still not here! i'm pissed!

i need this stuff wednesday, which is tomorrow, because my kids are starting school and i ordered school stuff for them from the LTD magazine. it there is more of this poor service, i'm probably never going to get things from LTD ever again. this is probably the first time this happened with me. the day that i really need what i order, it probably won't come for like another week like after my kids start school.

this is something they really need. well i'm pissed with this poor service.

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Hi Concerned,

We have made a lot of positive changes to enhance our customer’s experience.

First, as of June 1st, 2009 we made some significant improvements to our shipping policy. We now provide your total shipping costs up front, and whether we ship your order in one box or several, you will never pay more than what our chart indicates!

Another change was adding Product Availability on our website. Each product will display the most current stock information available. And while most of our items are in stock, in cases where products have extremely high demand, we may be awaiting additional stock to fulfill customer orders. In these cases, we strive to provide an accurate date range within which we expect to receive our stock from our manufacturer.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at helpline@ltdcommodities.com if I can be of any further assistance to you.

Best Regards,

Melanie P

Customer Support Specialist


I work at a bank and a lot of us have ordered from LTD catalogs. And out of about 22 women they have lost 75% of us due to to high shipping fee or not having and being put on back order.

Not a good way of keeping your buisness going. :?


Just a note. anytime you order from a catalog or online, order a least 2 weeks ahead.

that is the typical wait time. unless you paid extra to have it there by that day.

yeh then i would be pissed too. you pay extra to have it by a certain time, not so they can get extra money out of you.


You mentioned you ordered from the magazine. Did you call in the order or order online?

Did they say the order would be here before Wednesday? I don't have much faith in LTD but I hope you get your order.

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