Made an order on 10/16/09 at time of order I was told that it would be shipped with 7-10 business days. According to online order status the item is preparing to ship.

13 business days later it is still preparing to ship. Can't wait any more needed as gifts. Sent 2 emails and it takes them 4 business days to respone, sent 2 faxes did not change the status and the best of all tried to call wait time more than 30 minutes. Held on for 41 no one picks up.

Told to call between 7-8 am Called next day wait time more than 30 minutes. Can't stay on the phone it isn't even an 800 number we pay for that too.

All I want to do is CANCEL my order or at least TALK to someone. Does anyone answer the phone?

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It is true, if you press the "order" button, you get through faster. It took me 2 minutes to get an agent instead of waiting over 30 minutes.

I got my order canceled and I will never order from this company again. I needed the gift for Christmas and seeing that it was on backorder, it would probably never arrive before Christmas.

Anyone looking to order from this company needs to read these comments first. They're a scam.


I called and was on hold until the phone hung up on me because it had been so long. I found if you push the button to place an order, it is answered much more quickly, and you talk to the same customer service reps that can cancel your order or take one.


I am trying to cancel part of my order that has been backordered. I have been waiting on hold going on 60 minutes and I'm still holding and getting the same message "we're sorry for the long delay blah-blah-blah.

I have unlimited long distance so that's no problem but I'm determined to see if it is possible to talk to a live customer service person. I will never order from this company again.

Believe it or not, I just spoke to a live customer service rep and told her I had been on hold over 60 minutes. She apologized for my wait and said they were very busy.

I cancelled my order and that's it for them. Sad because they have a nice catalog.


I was going to reorder an order that they said that they never received (mailed 2 months ago) and when I came across this site, I decided that what I wanted wasn't that great to have to deal with the problems that others have to deal with. Luckily, nothing was charged to my credit card and I have decided not to follow through with an on-line order.

In this economy, I can't afford to be ripped off anymore than the next so I will not order from LTD Commodities. With all the complaints I've read, maybe LTD should have addressed those issues instead of publishing such a nice looking catalog.

That definately cost money that could have been refunded to someone's cancelled order. Thanks for the infomative site.


Wow do we owe you an apology! I am so sorry for the delays and lack of service you have experienced.

We really do our best to have each order flow through our system as quickly as possible. Under most circumstances we do accomplish this without any problems. I really regret that we failed in your case.

We stand behind our commitment to guarantee your satisfaction.

I would like to make this up to you. Please send me an email with your account and contact information to helpline@ltdcommodities.com and I will do my best to work this out for you.

Most Sincerely,

Cathy Bauer

Contact Center Manager

LTD Commodities

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