not saisfied i will never order from ltd again i too me 19 days to get my order and i couldnt track it with ups because ltd didnt have the correct tracking numbers what a fly by night outfitthey wont last much longer with all the poor management of the company.there are thousands of good qaulity companies out ther e that provide prfessional service with qaulity productswhy spend your hard earned money with a company like ltd commoditiesgo to ask.com type in cheap quality merchandise and you will get tons of places ltd isnt ranked very high on site ranker

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Greetings Shirley,

Thank you for your inquiry. We are thrilled that you love our items and are interested in ordering from us. We understand the concern with shipping cost and that is why our company works hard to keep our prices low year round for our customers.

We like to maintain these low prices throughout the year so that you can continue to purchase all these fabulous products for yourself, family, and friends.

Many of our competitors will disguise shipping cost in the cost of the product and continue to raise their prices. We want our customers to benefit from our great savings. Our website has many specials and discounts. You can view these spectacular offers by visiting us online at www.ltdcommodites.com.

We hope you will do some comparison shopping and find that you can save money by ordering with us.

If you have any further questions and concerns please feel free to send an email to helpline@ltdcommodites.com with your contact information and we will be glad to answer any of your questions. We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you with finding these fantastic deals we have to offer.


Djenebou Montgomery

Customer Service Specialist


I have written an order, but have not finalized it because of the outrageous amount of shipping cost. 13%+ I like the items and have ordered in the past. what can I do to get free or very low shipping?



LTD does not strive to make anything easy. I too got a bogus tracking number.

UPS only received the billing info, never the actual box, and they are telling me they cant start to trace it until after 15 days?! I is now 5 days after what should have been the delivery date. I work hand in hand with UPS being an import/export distribuition service, I know how UPS works. They are telling me UPS hasnt come to pick it up from a HUB where it has been shipped with a number that has nothing to do with the one supplied?!!

The fact is, no one there can get off their *** and go look for this missing box that probably isn't even in circulation.

So, with my card charged for $150 well over 10 days ago, I sit and wait for another business week to go by before anyone there will assist in finding my order. Customer courtesy and satisfaction is certainly NOT something they 'strive to make good'.


I totally agree with this person. At least this person got a tracking number to track their package.

I haven't received anything! I try to put my account number online where it says, track an order, I get an error message. Unbelievable! I've never placed an order with a business where NO ONE picks up the phones, really weird.

You can call any time of the day, hold on for the alloted 15 minutes the automated voice tells you to, and longer, you still don't get a live person. You send an email, you get a canned response every time. It makes me wonder if they are going out of business. They've been around since the early 60's, now its 2009.

A lot of companies have gone under.

Maybe they are just cashing customer's money to pay the bills and have no real intentions of sending out orders. it just doesn't make any sense!

Stokke, Vestfold, Norway #69240

Dear Customer,

I would like to sincerely apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced with our company. LTD Commodities is concerned when a customer tells us that some aspect of our service has been unacceptable. Let me assure you that LTD Commodities strives to make your shopping experience memorable and regret to have disappointed you.

I would really like to help you locate your order. I ask that you please email me your account and order information directly to helpline@ltdcommodities.com so that I may further assist you.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Melissa Martinez

Customer Support Specialist

LTD Commodities

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