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My daughter, who posted a complaint on here yesterday, ordered numerous items at the end of November from LTD's Christmas catalogue. Many of the items we found were "out of stock" due to "popularity of items".

My daughter was concerned about these cancelled orders being charged to her credit card, so I called the company to see if we could get this straightened out. I hit "Order" (to speak to someone) and was told a supervisor was not available. I spoke with someone named Kim, who was EXTREMELY rude, telling me, "the Christmas catalogue was sent in August and that's when I should have ordered, to assure items would be in stock". I explained we did NOT get the Christmas catalogue in August (we were on vacation), and she continued to insist I was wrong and the catalogue had been sent out in the summer.

I was shocked at such an explanation, and even if what she said was true, does that mean everyone waited until my daughter did, and suddenly these items are out of stock in a matter of days, when they were "in stock" long enough for her to have placed them in her check-out cart?? And wouldn't that mean a spring/summer catalogue would have been sent to us in November/December, by her logic?

I suggest LTD Commodities BOLDLY PRINT that qualities are LIMITED, and I can see I am not the only one who is disappointed with this company. We will never order from this company again.

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I would just like to comment on your issue. I have been ordering for years and have had some problems.

Only one issue never really got resolved and that is because I decided not to pursue it. I ordered some glass candleholders that were extremely fragile. They were broken when I received the original shipment and I contacted LTD Commodities to get them replaced. The second shipment was also broken, so I again contacted LTD.

I received the third shipment UNBROKEN but in the wrong color. It was stated that they may substitute if items are out of stock, so I never contacted them about that again, figuring that they must be out of the color I wanted. As for your issue, I agree that the customer service rep you spoke with should not have been rude and answered you the way she did. She is correct that the catalogues mail out in August and September and certain items run out pretty fast.

Also, just because you are able to add an item to your shopping cart, does not guarantee they will be "in stock". If you really want to try to find out if an item is in stock, you need to call their automated ordering line and press the option for item information.

If there is information about the item, then it should be in stock and if the computer says no information available about item#, then it is probably out of stock. This has been my experience with LTD Commodities.

Stokke, Vestfold, Norway #95249

Dear Nuthatch4399,

I am dismayed to read about the difficulties that you and your daughter have experienced regarding her order. I realize how frustrating this situation must be, especially during the holidays. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience, as feedback from our customers is very important to us because it helps us make the changes our customers want to see.

At LTD Commodities, we make every effort to provide outstanding Customer Service and to have the items we offer in stock. However, instances can arise that prevent us from receiving additional stock. If an item is cancelled, the credit card will not be charged for items cancelled or removed the order.

I want to make this right and restore your faith in us, but I need to contact you to see what was ordered. Could you please contact me directly at with the order information and the best time and way for me to reach you?

I look forward to resolving your issue.

Best Regards,

Michelle Jones

Customer Support Specialist

LTD Commodities

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